Seed germination can take around 2-7 days and should be done indoors, especially if you live in a northern climate. If you’re looking to produce a bigger yield, you’ll need to begin the germination process sooner to give the plants enough time to grow; the bigger the plant, the greater the potential harvest. To learn about seed germination and harvesting time, click here.

Although bigger plants typically yield a larger harvest, smaller plants are easier to manage.

2. Choosing the right location is vital to your plant’s success.

When picking a spot to grow your cannabis plants, take into consideration:

Temperature: Although cannabis plants are adaptive to different weather conditions, they are still susceptible to extreme temperatures. Cannabis plants shouldn’t be grown in temperatures below 12°C or anything above 30°C for sustained periods of time.

Sunlight: Cannabis plants need plenty of sunlight. When picking a location, consider that the plant needs a minimum of 5 hours of direct sunlight and 5 hours of indirect sunlight.

Shelter: Choose a location that allows you to easily shelter your plant from temperamental weather such as strong winds or rain. Or, consider growing in a pot which can be moved indoors if the weather take a turn.

To help protect the plant on colder nights, consider using a hoop house.

3. When deciding on genetics — do your research

When choosing a strain, environmental considerations should be carefully weighed as some genetics are more adaptive to cooler climates while others are better suited for hot and humid climates. For example, sativa and indica have different growing traits: indica-dominant strains are typically more adaptive to colder environments while sativa-dominant strains can be better suited for hot and humid climates.