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Kootenay Gold THC Diamonds by Kootenay Labs is a great all day smoke. Kootenay Gold is a classic B.C. strain created by crossing Acapulco Gold and a hybrid Seaweed strain. It’s a 60/40 sativa-dominant with wonderful euphoric effects; expect an energetic rush of creativity followed later by a floaty body stone. This balanced high is a great vibe for daytime use. The flavours are sour, earthy, spicy and some pine and lemon notes. Diamonds are pure terpenes deliciousness, if you haven’t experimented with smoking diamonds we highly recommend trying it! The high is clean and the flavours are beautiful. Discover other Kootenay Labs concentrates.

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Kootenay Gold THC Diamonds – Kootenay Labs


Kootenay Gold THC Diamonds – Kootenay Labs

Select Weight

Sativa Hybrid

80% - 90%


Earthy, Spicy, Pine

Euphoric, Creative, Relaxed

Helps with Depression, Stress, Anxiety.

- Purged of all waxes and fats
- Lab Tested
- 1 gram

Kootenay Labs