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Pineapple Express THC Caviar by Kootenay Labs is everything you want in a premium cannabis concentrate. Extracted from the classic Pineapple Express strain, this THC caviar will leave you energized and inspired creatively. The effects are long-lasting and buzzy, making it a perfect daytime smoke. The format of this concentrate enhances the citrus and tropical notes of this classic strain, a true delight to consume. Weed caviar is one of the most interesting forms of cannabis concentrate. Like the food it’s named after, you only need a little bit to send you into pure bliss. It’s a fun and exciting option for those who want to experiment with the recreational effects of weed. Discover other Kootenay Labs concentrates.

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Pineapple Express THC Caviar – Kootenay Labs


Pineapple Express THC Caviar – Kootenay Labs

Select Weight


80% - 90%


Tropical, Citrus, Pineapple

Energetic, Happy, Talkative

Helps with Lethargy, Depression, Stress.

- Purged of all waxes and fats
- Lab Tested
- 1 gram

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