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Afghan Mazar Hash – Hush


Afghan Mazar Hash – Hush

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Afghan Mazar hash has a great taste, and a relaxing, mellow high. It can take a few minutes before the high kicks in, meaning smokers should be careful before deciding to crumble a second dose of this legendary hashish into a joint. The “Milk of Mazar” produces relaxing effect due to its indica dominance, however, overuse can result in mind-warping effects. Afghan Mazar is the real deal, and users are always advised to seek additional information before immobilising themselves through over-indulgence.


- Use heat to make more pliable
- Solventless extraction process
- Top onto bowls or in joints
- Hot-knife rolled hash balls


Flowery, Pine, Spicy

Relaxed, Happy, Hungry

Helps with Pain, Insomnia, Anxiety.


  1. fastmike

    Oh yeah man! This hash is in all respects the same as the import hash I used to smoke in the 70’s. Chocolatey-coffee taste, big blast high and a mellow, hashy drift to follow. Cheers to the kootenaysians!!