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Kootenay Bubble Hash is a solvent-free cannabis concentrate that bubbles when exposed to flame. The effects of bubble hash are unique owing to their high terpene content, which users claim offers a strong onset that leaves them feeling incredibly euphoric. The process for producing bubble hash removes certain compounds that create fogginess. Without these, the high from bubble hash is surreal and clear. For more information on other concentrates, explore our concentrates selection.


How to consume hash:

– Use heat to make it more pliable
– Top it onto bowls or in joints
– Hot-knife rolled hash balls

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Kootenay Bubble Hash


Kootenay Bubble Hash

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Spicy, Earthy, Skunky

Euphoric, Surreal, Calm

Helps with Pain, Stress, Anxiety.


  1. fastmike

    The crew down in the Kootenays sure make some of the finest hashish on the planet! The taste is old-school terpy and the high is a classic bubble hash blastoff! Cheers to the HushCannabisClub!!