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Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO, is a cannabis concentrate used for different medical benefits. RSO is a popular choice for medical marijuana patients seeking relief from cancer symptoms. Apply as a topical, or ingest with food or drinks. It’s a discrete and odourless option. Made without pesticides or herbicides. See the information panel for recommended dosing.


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Rick Simpson Oil Syringe – Hush


Rick Simpson Oil Syringe – Hush

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Recommended dosing for medicinal purposes:

Week 1: Start with three doses every day

Each dose should be the size of half a grain of rice and administered once every eight hours (morning, noon, and night).

Weeks 2 - 5: Double your dose every four days

Increase size of dose to the size of a full grain of rice and consume morning, noon and night.

Weeks 4 - 5: Double your dose every four days

The average person will take between three and five weeks to reach the full dosage of one gram of RSO per day.

Weeks 6 - 12: Take one gram of RSO daily until you’ve consumed 60 grams total

Eventually, medicinal marijuana patients should be taking about 8-9 rice-sized drops of RSO every eight hours.

Side effects

Sleepiness, fogginess, lethargy. With regular dosing side effects will minimize. Daytime sleepiness should fade within three to four weeks.

Continued regimen

After the 12-week regimen consumers should reduce their intake to 1 - 2 grams of RSO per month for a regular maintenance dose.

**Rick Simpson Oil is not a cure-all for medical conditions.

70% - 80%



Relaxed, Sleepy, Euphoric

Helps with Pain, Skin Issues, Headaches.