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Hush – Rainbow Driver Rosin – PREMIUM



Hush – Rainbow Driver Rosin – PREMIUM

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Our premium rosin is made using only the best parts of the fresh flower, in turn, allowing for the most flavourful and complex terpene profile. Our premium grade rosin is for connoisseur smokers seeking the cleanest and tastiest experience possible.

Rainbow Driver is a perfect 50/50 hybrid. Drawing very strong spice flavour with sweet undertones from its parents Sundae Driver and Zkittles, this bud brings a rich terpene profile. The high is a very balanced one, making it a great choice for an all day smoke. Expect a cerebral lift and body euphoria, these effects will send you somewhere over the rainbow without making it too hard for you to find your way back home (no ruby slippers required).

- Solventless extract
- Made with heat and pressure
- Purest cannabis concentrate

70% - 80%


Citrus, Sweet, Tropical

Uplifting, Cerebral, Relaxing

Helps with Anxiety, Stress, Depression.