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Jager shatter by Breaking Dab offers a clean clear high with potent effects. The sweet earthy liquorice flavour is what gives this shatter its name. Enjoy feeling completely relaxed as the body stone creeps into your system leaving you hazy and introspective. This potent concentrate will please even the pickiest shatter connoisseur and is sure to please Indica lovers. Explore other Indica-hybrid concentrates.

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Jager Shatter – Breaking Dab


Jager Shatter – Breaking Dab

Select Weight

Indica Hybrid

- Purged of all waxes and fats
- Lab Tested
- 1 gram

74% - 80%


Sweet, Liquorice, Woody

Relaxed, Hazy, Introspective

Helps with Stress, Anxiety, Pain.

Breaking Dab: The Breaking Dab lab team has been immersed in the cannabis industry for over two decades. Their expertise comes from years of hands on scientific discovery and development. Breaking Dab products are some of the cleanest concentrates you'll find on today's market.