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Punch Breath shatter offers a full-bodied high with incredible flavours of grape, candy and floral. Enjoy the immediate effects felt both in the mind and body with tingling sensations. Expect an uplifting rush lifting your sprits before all your muscles relax and a sense of calms settles in. Blissful sedation will have you chilled out in no time; a perfect strain to consume after a physically and mentally draining day. Medical marijuana patients enjoy this strain for its tension relieving benefits. Explore other Indica-hybrid concentrates.

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Punch Breath Shatter – Dab Habit


Punch Breath Shatter – Dab Habit

Select Weight

Indica Hybrid

- Purged of all waxes and fats
- Lab Tested
- 1 gram

75% - 80%


Grape, Floral, Sweet

Relaxed, Uplifted, Happy

Helps with Tension, Headaches, Chronic Pain.

Dab Habit