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These Diamond Sauce vape cartridges produced by Cactus Jack are top notch. They contain no filler or cuts and are 90% THC. Consume on the go, discreetly, without the tell-tale aromas of weed. These cartridges contain nothing but pure diamonds and sauce for a clean, clear high of optimal quality.

510 thread compatible. Battery not included.

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Diamond Sauce Vape Cartridges – Cactus Jack


Diamond Sauce Vape Cartridges – Cactus Jack

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Vape Cartridge

- Pure THC diamond & sauce with natural terpene profiles.

- 510 thread count for attaching to batteries.

- 1000mg of 90% THC

- Puffs: 120-150

80% - 90%


Cactus Jack: Cactus Jack is a premium concentrates producer specializing in diamonds & sauce vape cartridges. Their products contain no filler or cuts, just 90% THC with natural terpenes.

  1. CustomerService

    So glad your enjoying these!

  2. glaze000

    I love cactus jack vape cartridges they are so tasty and hit so good i used to smoke lots of shatter all i do now is this vape cartridges and I'm in love