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These Diamond Sauce Vape Tips from Dab Habit will please the senses with their rich terpenes profiles. This product contains no cuts to increase margins.  Made from pure rosin, they contain no artificial terpenes or additives. The Diamond Sauce in these tips was processed by cool extraction leaving the flavour profile true to the plant it was extracted from. Cartridges are compatible with standard 510 thread count batteries. Discover other vape products.

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Diamond Sauce Vape Tips (1g) – Dab Habit


Diamond Sauce Vape Tips (1g) – Dab Habit

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- Pure rosin and natural terpene profiles.
- 510 thread count for attaching to batteries.

80% - 90%


Dab Habit

  1. CustomerService

    Thanks for your review! Glad your enjoyed this!!

  2. Ekot0419

    This is real rosin Diamond Sauce. Terpenes are very rich. However, please be advised that real terpenes sauce are not 80%+ THC. They are rather mild. Other than that, if it taste so good on a crtridge, imagine how it taste on a rig. For all I care, I am not vaping butane. And the biggest reason to buy this one is because it is real diamond sauce from Rosin. All natural.