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CBD Distillate Pet Tincture is for the body relaxation and ailments of our animal friends! Recommended mostly for our senior pets, those with arthritis and other aches and pains. The pet-tincture also works wonders to calm those with anxiety issues. Both dog and cat friendly, comes in 1200mg or 600mg dosage. Discover other CBD products.

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CBD Distillate Pet Tincture (1200mg) – Kootenay Labs


CBD Distillate Pet Tincture (1200mg) – Kootenay Labs

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USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Follow dosage chart for initial dosage amount, once daily, or half dose 2x daily, increasing gradually if need be. We recommend dropping the tincture over your pets food.

60ml Bottle
CBD Distillate
Both dog and cat friendly

Relieves pain and calms anxiety.

Kootenay Labs