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Gin & Tonic THC gummies are style and class wrapped up in an edible. The classic cocktail-inspired Hush gummies are not only delicious but uplifting. You may not be the Queen drinking your favourite beverage but you sure as heck will feel like it after consuming the Gin & Tonic gummies.


Hush gummies are the perfect dose for your ideal cannabis experience. Made from quality natural ingredients, the effects of these hybrid edibles are smooth, euphoric, and relaxing. Dose with one for daytime functionality and two for unwinding in the evening. Check out other Hush gummy flavours!

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Gin & Tonic THC Gummies (200mg) – Hush


Gin & Tonic THC Gummies (200mg) – Hush

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- 10mg THC per piece
- 20 Gummies (200mg total)
- Made with Full Spectrum THC Extract
- Natural Flavouring


Relaxed, Happy, Creative

Helps with Pain, Stress, Anxiety.