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Grandpa’s Medicine – Sour Cherry Cokes (100mg THC)


Grandpa’s Medicine – Sour Cherry Cokes (100mg THC)

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Naughty naughty, stay out of Grandpa's Medicine! These sweet treats aren't for children, instead they're for the experienced stoner. The classic flavour of cherry cola will transport you to the simpler times of being a child journeying to the corner candy store. The difference is these candies will give you more than just a sugar rush. A moderate dose of THC (10mg per candy) will be enough to send an inexperienced consumer to the moon. Customise your dosage by either cutting a candy in half or doubling up! It's your trip to the candy store, do as you will!

Edible Info

- THC: 10mg per piece
- 10 Pieces per bag
- Infused Oro Honey Oil


sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, citric acid, tartaric acid, potassium sorbate, THC Oro Honey Oil, natural and artificial flavours, coconut oil.

Relaxed, Happy, Creative

Helps with Pain, Stress, Anxiety.

Grandpa's Medicine