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These Peach 1:1 gummies are for users who’re prone to THC-induced anxiety. A balanced CBD to THC ratio helps take the edge off a normal THC dose. The bright flavour of the Peach 1:1 gummies will evoke the easy breezy days of summer; the relaxing effects will have you basking in the warmth of comfort.


Hush gummies are the perfect dose for your ideal cannabis experience. Made from quality natural ingredients, the effects of these hybrid edibles are smooth, euphoric, and relaxing. Dose with one for daytime functionality and two for unwinding in the evening. Check out other Hush gummy flavours!

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Peach 1:1 Gummies (400mg Total) – Hush


Peach 1:1 Gummies (400mg Total) – Hush

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- 10mg THC:10mg CBD per piece
- 20 Gummies (400mg total)
- Made with Full Spectrum THC Extract and Broad Spectrum CBD Isolate
- Natural Flavouring


Relaxed, Happy, Creative

Helps with Pain, Stress, Anxiety.