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Deep Re-leaf CBD Sleep tincture will send you into restful sleep. Formulated with Valerian and California Poppy tinctures, then combined with CBD oil. Valerian helps relieve tension, relax the body and mind, and act as a sedative. California poppy is also sedative and anti spasmodic. Half a dropper at night is all you need for a deeper and more restful sleep. Check out other CBD tinctures.


*tinctures are alcohol based


Shake before using as some separation can occur.

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Deep Re-leaf CBD Sleep Tincture (30ml) – ILU


Deep Re-leaf CBD Sleep Tincture (30ml) – ILU


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    495mg CBD per 30ml bottle

    Directions: Shake well. Take 2-10 drops or more as needed. Tolerance may vary


    Organic MCT oil, CBD isolate, ethyl alcohol, Valerian, California poppy.

    Relaxed, Sleepy, Calm

    Helps with Insomnia, Stress, Anxiety.

    ILU: ILU is a Kootenay region (B.C.) based company specializing in CBD infused and aromatherapy products. All ILU products are made from natural and organic botanicals, waxes, & butters cold-pressed oils, minerals, and therapeutic grade essential oils.