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These Mushroom Micro Dose Capsules offer all the benefits of medicating with psilocybin. Made with a proprietary blend of Blue Meanies, Penis Envy and Tidal Wave cubensis, these capsules provide a mild and euphoric boost to your day-to-day. They also contain spirulina and ginseng for fortifying your immunity and improving energy levels.

Studies on the benefits of micro-dosing mushrooms has revealed that it can help regulate serotonin levels improving mood imbalances, reduce inflammation, help improve memory and cognitive abilities, as well as aid in regulating sleeping patterns. Explore other micro dose options.



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Mushroom Micro Dose Capsules (3000mg Psilocybin) – Hush


Mushroom Micro Dose Capsules (3000mg Psilocybin) – Hush


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    3000mg of psilocybin per jar
    100mg of psilocybin per capsule

    *Capsules are vegan grade

    ***Physical effects of psychedelic mushrooms may include a feeling of nausea, vomiting, muscle weakness, confusion, and a lack of coordination. Combined use with other substances, such as alcohol and marijuana can heighten, or worsen all of these effects. Consume with caution.


    Spirulina, ginseng, cubensis psilocybin.

    Suggested dosage:

    Start by taking 1x capsule daily for 1 week.

    After the first week, increase dose to 2x capsules consumed once daily for two weeks.

    After three weeks, increase to 3x capsules consumed once daily.

    Increase or decrease dosage based on effects.

    Relaxed, Happy, Creative

    Helps with Depression, Stress, Anxiety.