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Garlic Sherbet is better than it sounds. The aroma is pungent, earthy and nutty with hints of tobacco. The flavour is similar but lighter. This batch burns extremely clean and is very smooth producing a fine light grey/white ash. Effects start off with a boost of focused energy, uplifting you into a euphoric state infused with creative thoughts. The effects take a bit to kick in but are lovely once they do. It offers moderate potency, making it a good option for daytime activities. Check out other AA indicas.


Use: Daytime


Lineage: Garlic Cookies x Blue Sherbet

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Garlic Sherbet (AA)


Garlic Sherbet (AA)

Select Weight

Indica Hybrid

19% - 20%

Earthy, Nutty, Pungent

Uplifting, Focused, Euphoria

Helps with ADHD, Anxiety, Depression.

AA: Our AA category is our entry level flower grade. It's perfect for the budget conscious consumer. The flower graded in this category may contain smaller buds, be less smooth and possess a looser trim. That being said, we have standards and our AA flower (albeit not perfect) is still tasty and will get you high.