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Black Cherry Punch packs a double whammy for both flavour and potency. Not recommended for consumers with a low THC tolerance, it will knock your socks off. The high starts with a powerful punch to your mind inducing unfocused euphoria before eventually trickling down to your body with tingling relaxation. Discover more Indica strains.


Use: Nighttime


Lineage: Purple Punch x Black Cherry Pie

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Black Cherry Punch (AAA)


Black Cherry Punch (AAA)

(3 customer reviews)
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Indica Hybrid

24% - 25%


Sweet, Cherry, Floral

Relaxed, Happy, Tingly

Helps with Stress, Insomnia, Pain.

AAA: Our mid-tier flower combining the best of both price and quality. Consumers can expect decent potency, pleasant terpenes profiles, larger bud size, lighter ash and cleaner trim.


  1. Alain Coulombe

    Excellent Goût, vraiment aimé !!!

  2. CustomerService

    Definitely a favourite here as well! Glad you enjoyed :)

  3. khash.021

    This has been one of my favorites for a long time. It smells amazing, rolls and burns great and above all it has an amazing calming effect without. I love this strain for chilling almost everyday. I give this A+, highly recommended almost always in my shopping cart

  4. CustomerService

    Glad you enjoyed this AAA! Definitely a favourite here!

  5. bino187

    I didn’t want to review this one to make sure that there still left i buy more then a half pound and steel want to get some more it’s the best strain for the flavor if your a fan of cherry taste don’t sleep on this best cherry taste ever and the smell the look is just wow 6/5