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Marzhmallow is a super rare hybrid strain produced by Crane City Genetics. It has classic Indica effects that start off as cerebral but then sink into a heavier feeling. The Marzhmallow high will hit first in the forehead behind the eyes with an uplifted euphoria that leaves you happy but totally hazy. As this high builds, it’ll spread throughout the rest of your body, leaving you tingly from head to toe. A great strain for people seeking pain relief, this will lull you into a state of complete relaxation. This product has a pleasantly sweet aftertaste. Check out other Indica-dominant strains here.


Use: Nighttime


Lineage: Marsha x Zhit

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Marzhmallow (AAAA)


Marzhmallow (AAAA)

(3 customer reviews)
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Indica Hybrid

23% - 24%

Lemon, Earthy, Skunky

Relaxed, Sleepy, Hungry

Helps with Tension, Pain, Insomnia.

AAAA: Our top-shelf flower scoring exceptional for potency, terpenes profile, bud size, density, trim, smoothness, as well as ash colour and consistency. We carefully examine and test the product in this category to ensure it meets strict standards of excellence.


  1. CustomerService

    So glad you are enjoying this strain!!

  2. skronnie-4-lyfe

    Love it so sticky to the fingers i get a pretty strong high off it smells so sweet like marzhmallows soo good will be buying again

  3. Ben Jamin

    It's a great looking bag, and the buds are trimmed very neatly. The colours are beautiful, and the buds are all nice and big. Also, this stuff is stinky! When you open the bag it hits you hard with a dank, earthy smell that has underpinnings of limonene. I had to do a better job of stashing this bag as my whole house started to smell this good. It's sticky and gooey, which indicates how well this was grown, and how well it was cured and stored. A hand grinder turns it into a sticky pile that clumps together just right for handling and rolling. Smoking and vaping this flower is a treat. The taste is as strong as the incredible smell, and it left me smacking my lips for more after each toke. Despite the strong flavour it's very smooth on the throat and lungs, and this was much appreciated. It has been great for easing physical pain, and also provides a nice euphoric mood boost that compensates for stress quite nicely. Definitely a solid AAAA.

  4. CustomerService

    Thanks for this amazing review Lucas! We are so glad to hear you are loving this strain! It's definitely been a favourite among our staff recently too! Marzhmallow for the win!

  5. lucassbain

    Marzhmellow review Looks: absolutely stunning, caked in crystals with mostly an elegant purple and slightly green in colour. Density: nice and dense with a good of moisture packed in those nugs. Smell: really sweet subtle lemony smell, with earthy, skunky, and gassy undertones. Amazing smell if you ask me :). When grinded up: fluffy and sticky, clumps up and doesn’t feel dry at all. Looks perfect for rolling joints (I’m a bong guy myself). Burn/initial hit: clean and smooth white ash burn with a pleasant hit, doesn’t hurt the throat but karate kicks your chest, which is just what you want. Amazing taste on this one it’s a really sweet tasting toke, with an instant feeling of relaxation. Such a treat for my bong lovers. I’m quite sure no matter which way you consume this, it’s gonna be fire. Effects: instant mood elevation, and I just had a mild procedure done on my foot and it helped with the pain immensely. I immediately feel relaxed and ready for bed after smoking this. A great stress reliever after a long day at work. Helps with anxiety and stressful situations. Also side note.. I’m starving. Potency: a nice semi high thc strain, nothing that makes me uncomfortable (although I’d say I have a higher tolerance). For those that want an indica that isn’t harsh and is more relaxing this is the one. I’d say 23-24% is accurate. Nice long lasting and smooth high. Enjoyability: easily one of my top 5 strains from hush (arguably top 3), and probably top 2 in the indica hybrid category (and I’m an indica guy). I’ve been smoking hush’s stuff for a long time :) so id say top 2 is definitely an accomplishment. An all around amazing strain, nothing is lacking it hits all the aspects of an amazing strain. Definitely a re buy. 5 stars on this guy.