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Slurricane Organic LSO is a heavy-hitting Indica-hybrid that bursts with flavours of sweet berries and spice. The large and extremely dense buds are caked in crystal. The strong aroma of pine and berries are intensified as you bust apart the nugs into a fluffy pile revealing the perfect consistency for rolling. Slurricane Organic LSO is unmatched for potency and should be consumed with caution. Medical marijuana users will benefit greatly from this strain’s ability to reduce pain, anxiety, and insomnia. It’s also great for stimulating appetite. Effects of Slurricane Organic LSO are immediate and will offer quick relief. This is THE strain for chronic Indica smokers. Expect an unbelievably smooth smoke with very fine white/grey ash. Discover other LSO AAAAs.


Use: Nighttime


Lineage: Do-si-dos x Purple Punch


Living Soil Organic (LSO)

– Using organic soil & compost teas.
– Small Scale Farming.
– No man-made chemicals or additives.
– High quality, better terpenes and flavour.

– Longer shelf life.

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Slurricane Organic LSO (AAAA)


Slurricane Organic LSO (AAAA)

(1 customer review)
Select Weight

Indica Hybrid

26% - 27%

Berry, Spicy, Sweet

Relaxed, Hungry, Sedated

Helps with Pain, Insomnia, Stress.

AAAA: Our top-shelf flower scoring exceptional for potency, terpenes profile, bud size, density, trim, smoothness, as well as ash colour and consistency. We carefully examine and test the product in this category to ensure it meets strict standards of excellence.


  1. keithstrobel496

    Well I got to say is this stuff is the bomb!! Just as advertised berry and spicy Like. Burns real nice and caked with Chrystal! Really sticky bud! Gums up the scissors. This is real AAAA. It’s a pretty heavy hitter for sure. Hats off to the growers and hush. It’s a MUST try you will not be disappointed !