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Apricot Kush will intoxicate you with its aroma and uplift you with its euphoric high. Medicinally used for pain and stress relief as well as improving appetite. Apricot Kush will boost you with its energetic high before settling into a tranquil body stone. Discover other outdoor-grown varieties.


Use: Nighttime or Daytime


Lineage: Unknown

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Apricot Kush – Outdoor (A)


Apricot Kush – Outdoor (A)

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18% - 20%

Apricot, Sweet, Earthy

Relaxed, Uplifted, Euphoric

Helps with Appetite Loss, Stress, Pain.

A: Flower graded in this category is usually shake or outdoor flower leaning towards a shaggier appearance. Potency is lower and the price reflects the quality.