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This Seven Star Melted Shatter Pack is an insane deal. Due to transport issues we have a stockpile of shatter that unfortunately got too warm and has deformed. Some of the shatter packs are melted, some are not, making this an exceptional deal for our customers. The product is still good, will get you high, and tastes fine, it just doesn’t look great. Rather than let it go to waste, we’re offering these 10g Seven Star Melted Shatter Packs for at-cost pricing. This is a great bargain if you’re not picky about looks. Check out other great deals and clearance items.

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Seven Star Melted Shatter Pack (10g)

Seven Star Melted Shatter Pack (10g)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

The name “shatter” refers to the texture and appearance of the extract concentrate. The translucent glass-like appearance when broken and used is what gives it its name. The consistency of this batch was compromised during transportation, however, the product is still useable.

80% - 90%


Purged of all waxed and fats

Lab Tested