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Wedding Cake will uplift your mood before easing you into a relaxed and euphoric state. The rich flavour of earth and pepper will delight you but should be enjoyed with a double dose of care due to its extremely high THC content. This batch contains a minor amount of seeds, otherwise would be classified as AAAA grade. Discover other Indica strains.


Use: Nighttime


Lineage: Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookies

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Wedding Cake **Seeded** (AAA)


Wedding Cake **Seeded** (AAA)

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Indica Hybrid

21% - 24%

Tangy, Earthy, Sweet

Relaxed, Uplifted, Happy

Helps with Stress, Depression, Anxiety

AAA: Our mid-tier flower combining the best of both price and quality. Consumers can expect decent potency, pleasant terpenes profiles, larger bud size, lighter ash and cleaner trim.


  1. CustomerService

    Loveeee this review! Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed this strain :)

  2. amanda.e.mutch89

    Take a deep breath in and let notes of a summer day tickle your nose and finish with a tootsie roll aroma. This strain is beautiful, super frosty, great smooth smoke, had me locked in to the couch with a powerful bit very enjoyable head high.