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Sacred Wellness Microdose Kit – Surrender (1.5g)



Sacred Wellness Microdose Kit – Surrender (1.5g)


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    Sacred Wellness Micro-dosing Kits have been designed to make micro-dosing psilocybin easy and effective. Each kit offers the user a different strength so they can start small and build as their tolerance grows.
    Studies on the benefits of micro-dosing mushrooms has revealed that it can help regulate serotonin levels improving mood imbalances, reduce inflammation, help improve memory and cognitive abilities, as well as aid in regulating sleeping patterns.

    This 'Surrender' Kit is #2 in the Sacred Wellness micro-dosing kit progression. It contains 30x 50mg doses, making it a beginner-moderate strength micro-dose.

    Effects usually take effect 20-30 minutes after consumption. Ingest orally.

    This kit includes:
    - 1.5g ground, dried psilocybin mushrooms
    - One measuring spoon (one spoon = 25mg)

    Ingredients: Organic P Cubensis


    Connection to feelings and ideas, reduced anxiety and depression, improved cognitive functions.

    Sacred Wellness